Through my windshield

Through my windshield

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I've done it!

North America -09Posted by Ove Wed, October 07, 2009 14:18:10

I have done it!

I’m not a virgin anymore.

The hoof you see below belongs to a scared feral Mustang stallion roaming the Nevada desert. I’ve got it on video too. It is kind of an “interesting” feeling finding your self standing in the middle of a herd of feral Mustang stallions that “correct” each other with markings and sounds frequently when something does not suit them. I did pick the stallions on purpose since they don’t have anything as long as you are not threatening there females. Of course I always positioned my self so that I had the stallion between myself and the mares and foals.

Cold Creek is a interesting place to study things like grazing habits (as long as you keep away from where and when they feed them alf-alfa) since the Mustangs are pretty used to people and they don’t run away as soon as they see you as they do further north in Nevada.

I wanted to see exactly what, how and how much they grazed and I wanted real close up shots (I do have some very detailed videos now).

Green grass? – No way.

Grass? – Well, maybe.

Plants that crunch? – Oh, yes.